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          Practice Areas

          Child Support

          One, if not the most sensitive topic in divorces and family law is custody.

          Real Estate in Divorce

          Many of our clients come to us unsure of what their future will hold when it comes to owning various real estate properties ......

          Paternity cases

          Paternity proceedings are vitally important to the emotional and financial well being of children.

          Uncontested Divorces

          Not all divorces have to be devastating and dramatic. When you and your spouse have an agreement, or can work one out..

          Counsel Fees

          Did you know that New York State Law provides for a presumption of an award for counsel fees to the less ..

          NYPD/FDNY/DOE Pensions

          Only the best divorce lawyers know how to structure settlements around retirement benefits.

          Who we are

          At Beckerman and Granados, we focus our practice solely on Matrimonial and Family law. That’s why you know you’re getting an experienced attorney in the field, not just someone who dabbles in it.


          The law is constantly changing and thats why we stay up to date with the latest developments each week. We are constantly attending Continuing Legal Education seminars, and aren’t afraid to get judge’s opinions.


          Brandon Granados, Esq

          Brandon Granados, Esq

          My name is Brandon Granados, Esq. and I was born and raised in Westchester County, NY. I am the first college and law school graduate in my family. I grew up in a bilingual household, raised by Latino parents who always taught me the value of family, honesty, and cultural pride.

          Richard Beckerman, Esq.

          Richard Beckerman, Esq.

          My name is Richard Beckerman, Esq. and I was born in Queens N.Y. Shortly thereafter, I moved to Nassau County where I was raised by a family of professionals that taught me the value of hard work and a sense of compassion to those under my care.

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