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Amicable Separations Don’t Always Last

There are times when a couple chooses to physically separate from each other but is not ready to pull the trigger on a divorce. That is where the separation agreement comes in. A separation agreement in Kew Gardens is like any separation agreement in other parts of Queens. It has certain limitations as to what is enforceable and has to be drafted with the proper separation agreement language.

If you’re ready to separate from your spouse, you should hire a separation agreement lawyer to file the paperwork needed in Kew Gardens for you. In some cases, you can use one lawyer or one law firm to handle this process, especially if the two of you are in agreement regarding most aspects of the separation. To be clear, the attorney assisting you in the separation agreement only can represent ONE of the two parties to avoid any conflicts of interest. When you aren’t in agreement, or when there are more complex assets and debts that need to be distributed, you need to have a lawyer on each side of the table, one who will draft the separation agreement, and another to make sure the Defendant spouse knows what the separation agreement says.

Some courts won’t recognize separation agreements that are drafted between a couple unless a professional lawyer is involved in the process. When this is the case, you need to hire a separation agreements lawyer to ensure you and your spouse can part ways in Kew Gardens in as amicable a fashion as possible. Even if the separation is amicable, you’ll need an experienced lawyer who has worked with separation agreements on both sides of the table.

When you and your spouse start out with a separation that seems to be easy and going well, you may see warning signs when arguments begin and emotions become uncontrollable. If you find yourself in the middle of a heated discussion about child care, insurance costs, property, income, and responsibilities, you need to stop the discussion and find the right separation agreements lawyer in Kew Gardens to represent you and create the separation agreement that will grant you peace of mind and help you avoid another emotional outburst during a discussion regarding your separation from your spouse.

If you’re ready to begin the process of separating from your spouse and you’re not sure how to begin, contact the team at Beckerman & Granados to learn what you need to do to begin this process. You can meet with their separation agreement lawyers in order to begin the process of parting ways with your spouse in Kew Gardens. The staff at Beckerman & Granados is ready to assist you with this process to facilitate the often tumultuous process of drafting and filing a legally enforceable separation agreement.