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Avoid These Mistakes When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Whitestone is like any other place when it comes to finding a divorce lawyer. Some are competent, some are expensive, some will take your case for a fraction of what the competitors will. Always remember though Whitestone, what is cheap, can end up being pretty expensive. The emotional toll and stress of learning you’re getting divorced can be magnified if you hire the wrong lawyer to represent you.  If you live in the Whitestone area, you need to have a divorce lawyer that has the experience and expertise to do the job right for you. The team you need is Beckerman & Granados which has focused their law practice on only divorces which will help ensure you have the right team by your side.

We know hiring a divorce lawyer is tough, so here is a list of tips to keep an eye out for when you are in the market for a competent and diligent divorce lawyer:

  1. The Wrong Kind – When you meet with the Whitestone area divorce lawyer that you may want to hire, you need to understand their experience.  It’s hard to predict how your divorce will go, but you don’t want the biggest shark in the area or someone who hasn’t ever been in a courtroom. Choose a lawyer that’s experienced in all aspects of the divorce process to have the best representation for your case.
  2. Not a Family Law/divorce law focused practice – Many lawyers dabble in different areas of the law, you need a true divorce lawyer who had made this area of law their main focus. The lawyer you’re looking for should have experience with family law, especially if you have children.  Your lawyer should understand the way the family will be split and be able to spell out the responsibilities for you and your spouse as you go through the divorce process. In addition to understanding family law, make sure the lawyer you choose is familiar with the judges in the area.
  3. Time for You – Does your lawyer have time for you?  This is an important question and one that you need to have answered.  When you call after hours, when will the Whitestone divorce lawyer you chose call you back to be able to answer the questions you have?  Make sure you have a clear understanding of the lead times for communication that you can expect from your lawyer.
  4. Don’t let emotions run the show – Divorces are hard, find someone who thinks with their head and is ready to help make the tough emotional decisions for you with the knowledge and experience only a competent divorce lawyer has developed over time. By being under control you can make a better decision for yourself about the lawyer you’re interviewing to represent you during your divorce process.
  5. Ambiguous Fees – Make sure you’re clear about the fees charged by the Whitestone divorce lawyer.  Are court costs part of the retainer fees? What is the hourly rate for the services provided?  How can you reduce the amount of the fees charged? These are all questions you need to ask and understand clearly to ensure you know how much your divorce should cost you.

The team at Beckerman & Granados is the right legal team to represent you.  Located near Whitestone, you’re going to be pleased with the divorce lawyer assigned to your case by this team.  Every question you have will be answered so that you can feel comfortable and confident that you’re going to be able to have the divorce settled quickly and with a positive result for you.