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Learn How the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic may affect your divorce or family law case! Spouses and parents of children keep asking what they can do in this unprecedented time to protect themselves and their children.  Beckerman and Granados can help guide you through this process. Call us today to get started. 


The Courts will be overwhelmed once this is over so act now to be the first in line when the Courts are back in full swing!


Here are some instances where coronavirus (COVID-19) related issues require help from an experienced and knowledgeable New York family law/divorce attorney:


  • Modifying parental access — Some parents work in essential services and are at a higher risk of exposure.   Some parents are concerned the other parent is still taking the children to social events and other large gatherings. Some parents require mass transportation to transport their children to and from visitation.  Easter and Passover are approaching, and parents have questions about family gatherings. Retaining a qualified New York Divorce Lawyer or Family lawyer can help you make temporary modifications to visitation terms or pursue an order of protection against a co-parent who risks the safety of their children by exposing the child or causing a spread of the virus. We also can help parents make educated decisions regarding access rights with their children.  Contact Beckerman and Granados now before the floodgates open and the Courts are overwhelmed. 
  • Child support obligations — Many Americans are suddenly out of work and lost their income.  The government may provide some assistance, but many parents have questions about their child support obligations. Modifications of child support orders require Court Approval which is very difficult to obtain with all the courts closed.  It is imperative you speak with a qualified Divorce Lawyer or Family Lawyer now to address your concerns and learn your options.  Contact Beckerman and Granados immediately so you are prepared to protect yourself and your finances. Get a head start today!
  • Make up time — Right now, many parents may be limited to video calls, telephone calls, or facetime with their children.  Noncustodial parents who have not been able to see their children as often due to the epidemic will be asking for makeup time with their children.  Parents who wrongfully withheld access due to the pandemic will likewise see repercussions from the Courts.  Speak with a Divorce Lawyer or Family Lawyer today so that you are prepared to handle the aftermath of this crisis. Contact Beckerman and Granados today to get prepared and know your rights!
  • Who am I living with! — Married couples are suddenly spending a lot more time with their spouses.  Rumors persist that Divorces in China have significantly increased due to the lockdowns.  You hear everyone joking about it but when one person’s joke is your unfortunate reality, now is the time to act.  Contact a Divorce Lawyer today to learn your rights and get prepared for the future.  Beckerman and Granados PLLC is open and ready to protect you and your assets.