Kew Gardens Divorce Lawyer

A Divorce Lawyer Works for You

While you certainly want to have a representative in your corner during your divorce, it’s important to remember you’re paying the person who will represent you.  The Kew Gardens divorce lawyer you hire needs to be someone who is thinking in a similar way to you that also has your best interests in mind. This makes choosing the right person extremely important for you.  With that in mind, here are a few questions you could ask when you visit a divorce lawyer to see if they are the right fit for you:

People working on your case – It can be important to you to know how many different people may be working on your case.  This can be important to you and give you an additional contact at the firm to talk with in order to find out what can be done and who may be doing it on your side.  Ask for the contact information of the other people who will work on your case so you can be familiar with them.

What is the fee schedule – You need to know what you’re going to pay and how much time will be dedicated to your case.  Are the court fees and document fees included in the hourly rate or a separate cost? Can you reduce your fees in order to pay less?  These are important questions for your case, especially if you’re on a tight budget already or don’t expect a drawn out battle with high costs during your divorce.

Caseload – Knowing how the Kew Gardens divorce lawyer stays organized with their casework can help you decide if you should work with them.  If they have too many cases, or seem disorganized, you might feel they are overworked and won’t take your case seriously or dedicate enough time to you. Ask them how quickly they tend to return phone calls.

References – An experienced divorce lawyer should have reviews and awards you can see when determining their quality of work.  You’re hiring them to represent you and their previous work can speak volumes to you about how your case will be handled and what you should and can expect going forward.

Outcome – Make sure you question the Kew Gardens divorce lawyer that you interview with about their feeling and what they foresee as the potential outcome of your case.  Be realistic in your expectations, but expect the lawyer to help you see a path toward the positive outcome that you’re looking for in order to have your divorce finalized in a manner you feel is right for you.

When you want a Kew Gardens divorce lawyer that can answer all your questions and offers you the resolution you seek, the team at Beckerman & Granados is where you need to go.  Give this team a call today and let them begin the process of handling your divorce for you today.