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Real Estate in Divorce

Many of our clients come to us unsure of what their future will hold when it comes to owning various real estate properties at the time of divorce or separation. Questions ranging from “will I have to sell my real estate properties” to “what is...
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After a divorce is finalized, both parties’ finances are inevitably affected. Usually, there will be one spouse who has a higher income and earning potential than the other. Based on a complicated formula set by the Domestic Relations Law, we can determine how much you...
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Counsel Fees

Did you know that New York State Law provides for a presumption of an award for counsel fees to the less monied spouse in divorce? Many of our clients come to us as career home makers or child rearers. Many times they lack the financial...
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Uncontested Divorces

Not all divorces have to be devastating and dramatic. When you and your spouse have an agreement, or can work one out, we have the uncontested divorce option. Here, you have two main options; Straight uncontested divorce, or Stipulation of settlement divorce. With a straight...
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Contested Divorces

Unfortunately, there are times where no matter what you’ve tried, you and your spouse just can’t see eye to eye. In those cases, our attorneys are ready to represent your best interests in a contested divorce. We’re experienced in both the art of negotiation and...
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Prenuptial/Postnuptial agreements

Whether you just got engaged or already tied the knot, you may have just realized that marriage is not just about love, its about business. The Domestic Relations Law in New York State treats a marriage as an economic partnership. Whether you realized it or...
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Client Reviews

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