Beckerman & Granados, PLLC

Contested Divorces

Unfortunately, there are times where no matter what you’ve tried, you and your spouse just can’t see eye to eye. In those cases, our attorneys are ready to represent your best interests in a contested divorce. We’re experienced in both the art of negotiation and litigation. That’s why we are ready to fight tooth and nail, or amicably reach a settlement with your spouse.


At Beckerman & Granados, you’re the boss. We will zealously advocate for you as much as you tell us to. Sometimes, a divorce attorney needs to “take them for everything they have.” Other times, a divorce attorney needs to “play nice” and keep the contention to a minimum. You as the client come first, and you determine how much, or how little, we fight.

This philosophy, coupled with our flat rate fees, make us the best divorce attorneys for you. Other firms will do everything they can to rack up the legal fees, our flat rate fees means we have no incentive to drag on the case and are constantly trying to resolve the case as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Call our office today and we will plan a strategy as to how best resolve your contested divorce today.