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Prenuptial/Postnuptial agreements

Whether you just got engaged or already tied the knot, you may have just realized that marriage is not just about love, its about business. The Domestic Relations Law in New York State treats a marriage as an economic partnership. Whether you realized it or not, by getting married, you are entering a business relationship with your spouse. If running a business is not what you had in mind when contemplating marriage, let the lawyers at Beckerman and Granados work with you to protect your rights and assets during the marriage.


Many lawyers will throw together prenuptial agreements for fiancés or post nuptial agreements for spouses, but few know the particularities and pitfalls that could easily render your prenuptial or post nuptial agreement null and void. From making sure proper acknowledgments are signed, appropriate disclosures are made, and fashioning the provisions to keep the agreements enforceable over time, Call us today because the lawyers at Beckerman and Granados PLLC are ready to serve you and protect your rights and assets before they are distributed at the time of divorce or separation.