Beckerman & Granados, PLLC

Real Estate in Divorce

Many of our clients come to us unsure of what their future will hold when it comes to owning various real estate properties at the time of divorce or separation. Questions ranging from “will I have to sell my real estate properties” to “what is my income for support purposes” are just some of the difficult questions that arise when people with real estate go through a divorce or separation. Here at Beckerman and Granados PLLC our attorneys are educated and experienced on all of the different ways to protect your real estate properties.


We are proud of our achievements in working out settlements and agreements that protect your investments and income when going through a divorce or separation. Whether it comes to using trusted experts in real estate appraisals, explaining how to offset and distinguish between separate versus marital portions of real estate, or explaining various post divorce commencement separate property credits you are entitled to, the lawyers at Beckerman and Granados PLLC are ready to protect you. Contact Beckerman and Granados PLLC today to learn more.