Queens Divorce Lawyer

Is Your Divorce About to Get Messy?

It seems like more marriages than ever end in divorce and if yours is one of them, you need to hire a Queens area divorce lawyer that can handle the job of representing you throughout the process.  If your divorce is one that you know is going to be messy and contentious because you want to prove wrongdoing by your spouse or they’re looking to do the same to you, it’s more important than ever that you choose the right attorney to represent you during the divorce process.

Understand when you want to prove your spouse has been doing something that would cause them to need to pay you a large sum of money or give you more than an equal split of the assets in the divorce, there may be several people involved other than just the lawyer you hire.  In fact, there may be private investigators, forensic accountants, physicians, and psychologists brought in if you’re trying to prove wrongdoing on the part of your spouse and all of these people expect to be paid. If you might need any of these professionals involved in your divorce, you need to ask your lawyer what costs might be associated with their involvement. You also want to be sure your divorce lawyer knows the most efficient way to use these experts.

A messy divorce can also mean you’re going to be in front of a judge and ask that person to rule on the divorce for you.  Because of that the Queens divorce lawyer you hire needs to have experience with the courts and the judges that could be assigned to your case and you need to ask their opinion regarding the chances of a positive outcome of the case for you.  You want to have a lawyer that’s supportive and will help you have the outcome that’s right for you, but you don’t want one who will tell you something that’s untrue in your case either.

In addition to the aspects of the divorce process and the other professionals that will be part of the divorce, you should ask your divorce lawyer who to ask about how the decisions you make during the process will affect your taxes.  There may be taxes that you need to pay because of property or support you received through the judgment of divorce. Make sure your divorce lawyer can help you understand this aspect of your divorce, or at least direct you to someone else who does understand them.

A messy divorce will leave you with hurt feelings, many days of emotional distress, and the thought that you want to get even with your spouse.  Let the team at Beckerman & Granados help you ease your mind from the stresses by allowing them to be the Queens divorce lawyer that you need to help you navigate the difficult and emotional process of getting divorced.  This is the team you want by your side to ensure the mess of a divorce you see right now can come to a close and be resolved quickly for you. Give them a call and let one of their attorneys get started today.