Queens Prenup Lawyer

Love May be Blind, but the Law Isn’t

The person you fall in love with and want to cling to for the rest of your life may be a person that’s much different from you. The old saying “opposites attract” is never truer than in couples that we see on a regular basis while walking around. Because you may have found your life partner in a person who is opposite you, it might be a good idea to have a Queens prenup lawyer process and file a prenuptial agreement between you and your intended spouse. What might attract you today may not tomorrow.

Prenuptial agreements have received a negative connotation in society as being considered a way to start a marriage with a separation of assets and finances, which can cause negative feelings between the two who are betrothed to each other. The reality is, a marriage is a legal and binding contract between you and another person and when the law is involved, emotions shouldn’t be part of the equation. New York treats marriage as a business enterprise. While you might feel as if your partner is trying to keep things from you or vice versa, the fact is, a prenup is necessary if you enter a marriage and want to protect what you’ve worked hard to earn over your lifetime.

In addition to spelling out how assets can be divided in the event of a divorce, a prenuptial agreement will also help spell out unique situations to your life like how children from prior relationships will be provided for and define the financial responsibilities during the marriage. This can be a document that also can serve as guidance for an estate plan and the provisions when one spouse survives the other. Let a Queens prenup lawyer prepare the agreement for you and spell out the items that are important to you during the marriage so that you enter a life together with a clear understanding and expectation.

Not only do you need one Queens prenup lawyer to help draft the agreement for you, you’ll need to hire two of them. Many courts want to see both parties have legal representation in order to enforce them later on. The Courts view the agreement as far more likely to be fair and reasonable when entered if both you and your soon to be spouse to have a lawyer review the agreement to ensure its correct and meets your intentions before you choose to live together as a married couple that will build a life together and potentially a family as well.

The team at Beckerman & Granados can help you with the prenuptial agreement you need. They are knowledgeable Queens prenuptial agreement lawyers that have the experience you’re looking for to ensure an equitable and easy process prior to marriage. While your emotions may take you down the path of love for someone who is extremely different from you, don’t allow your emotions to dictate your financial situation when you enter a marriage. Let the team at Beckerman & Granados draft the prenuptial agreement that’s fair and equitable to you so that you can happily enter your marriage together.