Schedule of Flat Rate Fees

Most other family lawyers will charge you the traditional way, which also happens to be the more expensive way, hourly rates. While this may lead to a simple and easy to read retainer agreement, it can wreak havoc on your wallet or pocketbook. You pay your lawyer a retainer of anywhere between $3500 – $10,000 and the lawyer says they bill at a rate of $300-$600 an hour. Usually, that retainer of yours is eaten up in a matter of months, sometimes less! At Beckerman & Granados, we want to take the stress out of the bills and keep the focus on your legal matter. That is why we have flat rate fee options for most cases where upfront, you know exactly how much you are paying and what services that covers.

For example, let’s look at John and Jane’s cases: 1) John filed for divorce against his spouse a few months ago, there weren’t many difficult issues to resolve but John and his spouse needed some help reaching that ultimate deal between them. John paid his initial flat rate retainer, which gave him unlimited negotiating time between our office and his spouse’s lawyers. We were able to work out a deal and successfully worked out a smooth resolution without having to go to court. That means that other than the initial retainer and mandatory court filing fees, We were able to cover John’s divorce through his initial flat rate fee.  2) Now let’s look at Jane’s case. Here, Jane and her spouse have had it up to here with each other and have accumulated a variety or assets and debts throughout their marriage. Try as we might, the parties just can’t seem to reach an agreement. The case drags on for over two years! Jane would still have paid just her initial flat rate retainer, we had to go to court, or exercise other legal remedies at her disposal such as discovery. In both cases the parties received unlimited negotiating time, can you imagine what Jane’s case would have cost her for the same services had she gone with the “other guys” and been charged at those hourly rates! There would have been no money left to fight about! Call us today for a free phone consultation and let our dedicated attorney’s discuss fee options with you.