Beckerman & Granados, PLLC

Dina Formichelli

Richard Beckerman took me on as a client and he was with me through the entire rollercoaster ride not only with the court appearances but also my emotions as well. He would hand me the tissues when I was crying and afraid, he listened when I was upset and angry, he never faltered at all and always gave me the confidence I needed. He was and is one of the most genuine and kind-hearted people I have the pleasure of knowing. Unfortunately, the circumstances were not ideal but he always made sure that I was ok and I understood each and everything that we were doing and what was going to be the next step. The circumstances of my personal situation were extremely long as well as tedious and I do know that a lot of Attorneys may have given up and said to seek new representation but not Rich he was there and I never had to worry at all. As unfortunate as divorce is and you never really know how emotional you are until going through the whole ordeal. I would recommend Richard Beckerman Esq. Of Beckerman and Granados PLLC. They won’t let you down and they stand by your side through it all. You will never feel like you don’t understand what’s going on and you will also feel and know that you picked the right Lawyer.
Thank you, Rich, for never giving up on this and for being the person you are! I am forever grateful to you
and appreciative as well.